Whether you need a payday loan for an emergency or just have a few needs to take care of around the house, First Cash understands that applying for a payday loan needs to be quick, simple and secure.

  • Faxless Payday Loan
  • Fast Cash
  • Safe and Secure
  • No Credit Check
  • Instant Approval
  • Low RATES!
  • Impeccable service

You may apply any time, 24/7, and you have a NO OBLIGATION process that lets you make the decision on your financial needs. All transactions are discrete. Dedicated account representatives will handle your payday loan request for a 3rd party loan as quickly and professionally as possible.

Why First Cash for your PayDay Loan?

We do not sell your information to the highest bidder swamping you with unwanted phone calls. We simply work with you and your situation to deliver cash when you need it.

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What happens if I miss my due date of my loan payment?
  • Financial implications: If you miss a payment and your payment is in default for more than 10 days beyond the Payment Date, you will owe a late fee of the greater of 5% of the payment amount (on the principal and interest only) or $7.50. See your contract for further details.
  • Collection Practices: We may contact you via phone, email, mail or SMS to collect on your loan.
  • A CAB must comply with Chapter 392 of the Texas Finance Code and the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (15 U.S.C. Section 1692 et seq.). A CAB may not threaten or pursue criminal charges against a consumer related to a check or other debit authorization provided by the consumer as security for a transaction in the absence of forgery, fraud, theft, or other criminal conduct.
  • Impact to Credit Store: We do not currently report loan activity to any credit bureau.
  • Loans transaction are not automatically renewed. You may be eligible for a renewal or refinance. Please contact us

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By using payday advances responsibly, you can effectively deal with unexpected financial emergencies. It provides a sensible alternative to costly bounced check and overdraft protection fees, late bill payment penalties and other less desirable short-term credit options. With a payday advance, you can bridge a cash crunch between paydays, without incurring revolving debt or drawn-out payments. Although the payday advance is a convenient and less costly credit option, you should evaluate the costs and benefits of all your short-term credit alternatives before applying for a payday advance to determine if you have less expensive options available to you. All terms and conditions of our credit access products are provided in detail in our credit access disclosure statement, our credit access application and our credit access agreement. These documents will be available on our website for your review when you go through the application process. Our customer representatives are available during the hours of 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday to answer any questions. Please call us at 888-336-0403.